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Nothing about us without us 

 California Resource Services for Independent Living (CRS-IL) is a cross-disability, non-residential, disability rights organization empowering people with any disability to live full and independent lives by committing to building an inclusive community that recognizes the dignity, humanity, and worth of all people.

Through excellent Independent Living and Employment Services provided by well-trained staff, the unified center will support people with disabilities to transform their lives through their own choices for how they live, work, and participate in their community -- we are committed to the founding principles of independent living, self-advocacy and personal empowerment.

CRS-IL was founded in 1979 as "SCRS-IL "Since then, CRS-IL programs have served over 100,000 individuals with disabilities within Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. SCRS-IL continues to develop comprehensive programs that respond to the needs of the disabled community while enabling them to lead healthy, independent, and productive lives.


Most services are provided free of charge.  Funds for programs come from federal, state, county, and city governments, and grants from private foundations, corporations, and individual contributions.


Our independent living programs and services serve 44 cities in Los Angeles County.  Services include advocacy, peer counseling, housing search assistance, information and referral, personal assistance services, independent living skills training, systems change advocacy, cross-disability peer counseling, assistive technology, advocacy for de-institutionalization, youth advocacy and civic engagement, and job readiness and job placement services. In 2019, CRS-IL celebrates 40 years of unparalleled commitment to our community.


The organization will be the hub of the disability community in South-east Los Angeles that promotes disability pride and passion.


Through excellent Independent Living and Job Development services provided by well trained staff, the unified center will support persons with disabilities to transform their lives through their own choices for how they live, work and participate in the community. The Center’s community will be accessible and welcoming to persons with all abilities.


The center will be a role model, with access and integration through its new space, through the use of 21st century technology and through its focus on people with disabilities becoming empowered and experiencing success.


The mission of Southern California Rehabilitation Services is to empower persons with disabilities to achieve their personalized goals through community education and individualized services that provide the knowledge, skills, and confidence building to maximize their quality of life.

Message from our CEO

Over 40 years ago, a group of advocates with disabilities came together within the city of Downey. These advocates answered their call for action, the time for change was now. They believed in a community of inclusion and opportunity for all. They founded a small Independent Living Center and called it SCRS, an organization that would serve southeast Los Angeles; built on the vision and idea that “Everyone has a Future”.

Today, SCRS serves 5 counties, finds paid employment for over 700 people annually, serves over 2,300 people annually, and touches the lives of over 4,5oo people through effective outreach and community events on an annual basis. While we continue on keeping true to the belief that “Everyone has a Future”, we understand that there are times when we must advocate for our future.

While there are many organizations and groups that want to be a part of the Independent Living Movement or to merely say that they are a part of the change, know that every one of you today and tomorrow, is the movement and is the change.

So I ask, each of you here today and tomorrow, to answer a call for action. To not only share the belief but to act and advocate on behalf of all people with disabilities, ensuring that everyone will always have a future. Always remember that people may forget what you said, and some may even forget what you did, BUT people will never forget how you made them feel.

In Unity,

Rudy Contreras

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