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Coordinated Family Support

Coordinated Family Support (CFS) is a new service for adults (18 and older) who live with their families.

What is Coordinated Family Support?

The Coordinated Family Support (CFS) program by CRS helps adults with special service needs and their families who receive regional center services. Our focus is to bridge local agencies like Sacramento County Aging & Disability Resource Connection (ADRC) to develop a sustainable plan that promotes well-being, quality of life, and independence.

In response to feedback from family members, CFS has been set up to address the lack of services for adult consumers who have chosen to live in their family homes.

CFS Services 

In order to take into account evolving needs and preferences of the individual being served as well as their family caregiver, CFS is designed to ensure that both individuals and families have equitable access to services and tailored assistance.

Sacramento Region Program Manager


Mariano Rosales

 (916) 706-1520

4600 47th Ave. Suite 103 Sacramento, CA 95824

Comprehensive Support

Streamlined Access to Services

Maximize Independence

Community Training

Participation in training is encouraged for families and guardians within the circle of support for the person served.

Gain greater independence at home and in various environments through Role Play, Interactive Training, Community Engagement Activities, Resource Fairs, and Educational Seminars

Disability-Specific Education and Resources

I&R on diagnosis-specific resources Creating pathways to overcome barriers Navigation of generic and other resources. Assistance in creating a registry of community resources

Person-centered age-appropriate activities and training to provide individuals and their families with the supports necessary to achieve targeted action plan objectives.

Service Delivery Assistance

Coordinate consistency in training across providers specific to individual and family needs.

Assist with scheduling appointments Identifying transportation options Identifying backup service providers Future planning individuals and families Identifying support to reside in the family home successfully


Support individuals with learning a more in-depth explanation of consumer rights, employment rights, reasonable accommodations, and resources available within their communities. SSI | CAL Fresh | In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) | Assistive Technology | Home Modification Programs | Peer Counseling Services | Behavioral Health | Local Advocacy Groups

Improve Safety & Social Awareness through skill-building training: Coping Skills Social Skills Etiquette Skills

Mobility in the Community

Gain knowledge by learning how to access various modes of transportation. ACCESS, Lyft, Metro Rail & Bus, Taxis

Additional Resources

County Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC)

County Area Agency on Aging (AAA)

Behavioral Support Services Independent Living Core Services

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