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EDGE Program
Educating Disability Groups Through Education

The CRS Educating Disability Groups through Education (EDGE) Program is in place to support individuals with disabilities in and out of the classroom to ensure overall academic success in post­secondary education. The program can support students with immediate intervention needs, school, and class registration, exploring any available financial assistance, seeking any appropriate and necessary reasonable accommodations, ensuring the student seeks out their natural supports wherever possible, and providing in-person and in-the-classroom support as needed. All academic support will align with the student's documented short-term and long-term goals. The EDGE program can support students in the degree or certificate path of their choice that is available to them at their local/chosen college or university.

EDGE is available to any eligible regional center consumer who wants to attend and actively participate in college. We invite you to connect with our team for more information and instructions on potential next steps if it is determined that the EDGE program is an appropriate match.
To begin the process of joining EDGE, let your service coordinator at your regional center know. This flyer contains our vendor number and information to help them get started. Once they send us a referral packet, our staff will schedule a tour, which may include your intake. If it is a good match, we will inform the regional center of our decision and start services soon after. 

in January 2018 in collaboration with east la college CRS launched the first-ever dual-enrollment college program for high school youth with disabilities. allowing this group of transitional youth to obtain an engineering and graphic design certification.

on august 24th 2019, CRS decided to push the envelope even further. CRS is bringing the first ever fully integrated associate's degree college program that brings in-and-out-of-classroom support directly to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. all services are provided within the college campus, fully driven by the individual choice of degree path and college campus.

For information please contact 

Hector Ochoa

L.A. / San Diego

Frena Harris

Pomona / Inland Empire

Mariano Rosales


Southern California
Phone: (888) 331-1451


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